MIME application/java

Mime Type: Application
Mime Subtype: Java

About MIME application/java

Mime application/ java refers to existence of a Java bytecode instruction format file in the email or web element.

Javabytecode is based on the extension “Class”. These are system generated by a Java Compiler whenever it handles a Java-based application. The Javabyte code is processed by Java virtual machine as its input. Javabytecodes are basically a one byte – 8 bit long instruction that carries a special operational code for each combination of these 8 bits. They are therefore also called as opcodes (stands for operational codes). With 8 bits there are 256 possible combinations of these 8 bits, each denoting a specific instruction from within Java.

However, Sun Microsystems, the creator of Java programming language has reserved 3 of these combinations for future use, and currently without any operation attached to it.

Application to open Javabytecode

As mentioned earlier, Javabytecodes are machine generated and are read by Java Virtual Machine. There are no specific applications that can open or run these applications apart from the Java framework.

Java developers or programmers need not always have knowledge regarding Java Bytecodes since these are purely machine level codes and may be needed to be referred only for machine-level debugging. However, knowledge of Javabytecodes also helps programmers build very robust applications since they understand the system level code.

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